Monday, February 02, 2009

Lupu bridge Shanghai

Reviving one of the subjects that featured in this blog before the October 2008 purge. However, there is a change: like for the architecture series, emphasis will be on modern designs, so do not expect to find the famous bridges of Venice, Florence, and Mostar here. We kick off in the city that sparked this blog's revival: Shanghai. The Lupu bridge connects the older centre of China's metropole Shanghai over the Hangpu river to the booming new centre, Pudong. The bridge was opened in 2003 and was at that time (and still is) the largest steel-arch bridge in the world at a length of 3900 m (and a height clearance of 46m). I could not find any information about the designer, which surprises me. True, the shape itself is not spectacular, but still very elegant. More on this bridge in the wikipedia article linked to below.