Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Composition part 8: balancing elements

The eighth in a series on basic composition rules to further enhance the quality of your photographs if you are not aware of them yet - the first one, dealing with the rule of thirds, can be found here, the second one, dealing with the background choice, can be found here, the third one, dealing with framing within the frame, can be found here, the fourth one, dealing with leading lines, can be found here, the fifth one, dealing with viewpoint can be found here, the sixth one, dealing with cropping, can be found here, the seventh one, dealing with especially shaped crops, can be found here. I am using an article on the site Amateur Snapper as a guideline here, but providing examples from my own stream. This shot (Mushy) illustrates the idea behind the compositional tool of balancing elements. The main subject and natural focus point is the group of white mushrooms. Had these been in a grass field (and I have seen plenty of those as well), the shot would have been far more boring than this one turned out. The additional elements of the shot (the autumn leaves and especially that contrasting patch of black sand) help to define the overall composition without drawing too much attention away from the subject.