Thursday, June 03, 2010

Postprocessing 3: textures

In the first two instalments in this series, I have discussed an introduction into simple post-processing, dealing with items like cropping, sharpening and contrast in part one, and various effects such as orton and holga-like creations in part two. This third part deals with the use of textures. There are tonnes of specialized textures available on internet (just make sure that they are not copyrighted), and a simple digital mix (Picasa Freeware) of a photograph with a suitable texture can lead to interesting results. A recent example is shown above. I liked this shot of a flight of geese (top) for its shape, but the background is a lacklustre grey sky. By mixing in a texture (bottom), the result becomes far more interesting. Click here for more information on this shot, including the texture source.

The procedure itself is simple: start Picasa, select and pin (hold selected items button) your photograph and the texture file you want to use, and click collage. Select multiple exposure, with the page format customized to equal your own picture, create, save and you're done.