Tuesday, September 14, 2010


In Imaginary Movies I will be posting some fake movie posters I created (including a fake review), with two recurring themes: the title is based on a pop/rock song, and the image is from my Flickr stream. This one takes a Lemming song in combination with my shot Scary.

The soul of Lucifera, the devil's daughter, gets caught in a wooden doll - it sounds like a cheap Chuckie rip-off. On the contrary, this is the best horror movie of the century so far. Of course, the computer generated images are top notch, and the acting and direction excellent, but what makes this such an outstanding film is the intelligent script and the perfect visualization. The apocalyptic nightmare visions of the main characters is frighteningly realistic and the movie's climax will haunt you for days after you have left the cinema. This is beyond strongly recommended, it is essential viewing whether you like the genre or not.