Wednesday, January 01, 2014

What will change in 2014?

Happy New Year everybody! As the blog enters its eighth year, I will once more use this opportunity to make some changes. I will combine three related topics that have seen only a few posts over the past year into one: Architecture, Future architecture and Bridges will merge into Architectural Aspects. The unusual concertos series has run longer than expected, but once it finally comes to an end, I may still start the category Special symphonies that I already announced this time last year. The Imaginary Albums topic has run its course, and will be retired. The same fate may await Flickr favourites, as I intend to spend less time on Flickr given the ugly direction that site has taken. There will be one brand new category, a continuous series of posts on the topic of Desert Island Discs. What will once again not change is the intended frequency of posting - still aiming for an average of just above one per day. Image created on the Bighugelabs site based on a photograph by myself.