Tuesday, February 18, 2014

This is the ice age by Martha and the Muffins

In Desert Island Discs, I am focusing on albums that I love, with emphasis on the less well-known ones. They can be from all genres, from new age via pop/rock and jazz to classical. Live albums will be rare, compilation albums will be excluded. Images are created with the on-line programme Photoface Fun.

The fourth in the series is a new wave gem from Canada. Martha and the Muffins released their first album (Metro music) in 1979, while the accompanying single Echo Beach was a deserved world-wide hit, and to date remains their only song known to the general public. Their third album This is the ice age was released in 1981, and remains one of my favourites from those turbulent years. A stunning range from tender ballads (One day in Paris), to experimental anthems (Boy without filters) and up-beat rock songs (You sold the cottage). It has taken about 25 years before this album was finally released on CD, and I had to snap it up by ordering from Amazon Canada.