Monday, September 08, 2014

Repost: Maleonn

A re-post from the artchives (original posting date 27 October 2008) - with the blog in its current form over four years old, I intend to dig up some of the older posts once in a while. I selected this one because the Shanghainese photographer Maleonn featured in two of the links of yesterday's post.

During our 2008 visit to Shanghai, we had the good fortune to meet one of my wife's former class mates. Maleonn has become a well-known name in contemporary art photography and deservedly so. His style, although with hints of Jan Saudek at times, is still distinctly his own and has that unique blend of Chinese themes and western approaches that I also see in my wife's oil paintings. A fascinating artist, and in spite of his busy schedule, also a great host. You can see more of his art on his website linked to below.

Maleonn web site