Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Abstracting reality part 5: zooming in

Of the recurring topics in my photography, abstract images tend to stand out. This has inspired me to write a series of blog posts on the subject, as seen through my lay-man's eyes (I never received any formal training on photography). In these posts, I will tackle the following six (not mutually exclusive) themes: distorted reflections, architectural abstracts, wear and tear, zooming in, abstracted art, and miscellaneous situations. A general introduction was posted here; the first contribution (on distorted reflections) was posted here, the second contribution (on architectural abstracts) was posted here, the third contribution (on wear and tear) was posted here.

Zooming in (the fourth of the themes) can turn every day scenes into unexpected abstracts. I am not talking so much about macro photography with special lenses, as well picking a detail of a larger subject to create the abstract photograph. In many ways, your imagination is your limit. There is no binding theme between the various abstract shots created this way, the usual abstract ingredients like line play and patterns will always come into play though. Please click here to see 12 selected examples from my Flickr photostream with some background information.