Thursday, July 23, 2015

Unusual concertos [93]: Aluphone

Before the purge of end 2008, one of the most popular topics of this blog was "Unusual concertos", classical concertos for all kinds of instruments and orchestra. I have decided to revive this, aiming for less familiar composers in general. In its original incarnation, I came to 40 different concertante instruments - realizing 90+ this time.

The ninety-third concerto deals with the aluphone (image credit). This is a very recent addition to the family of tuned percussion instruments, its sound having been described as those of a vibraphone, tubular bells and singing bowls coming together in beautiful harmony. There is already a concerto for this instrument, by Anders Koppel. On the YouTube link it is played by Evelyn Glennie and the Odense Symphony Orchestra under Marc Soustrot.

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