Tuesday, August 25, 2015

From Abe to Avshalomoff

In June 2015 I embarked on an ambitious project that will take me many years to complete: listen to each single classical music CD in my collection once again. I decided to take it a letter at a time, and I just finished the CD's of composers whose family name start with an A (image source). At the same time I made an overview of the CD's played, in a separate site (for the A, see here) - of course, compositions on CD's filed under composers with names not starting with A are not included yet. Neither are operas, that will be a separate undertaking.

This finished first part took the playing of 254 CD's, spread out over 63 composers. The 10 most represented composers starting with A in my collection turn out to be: Aho (Kalevi) 23; Alwyn (William) 22; Arnold (Malcolm) 22; Adams (John) 17; Atterberg (Kurt) 11; Arnell (Richard) 9; Arensky (Anton) 8; Alfven (Hugo) 7; Antheil (George) 7; Andriessen (Louis) 7. My favourite single composition in this batch would have to be Alwyn's harp concerto Lyra Angelica, my favourite CD is probably Malcolm Arnold's set of dances on Chandos. The most pleasant surprise was Arutiunian's violin concerto, the biggest disappointment (relatively) the seven CD's of Louis Andriessen's music. He is seen as a major figure, but his music does not appeal to me that much. I prefer his father Hendrik by far.