Monday, June 26, 2017

Ai de dai jia

I have posted this gem of mandarin pop music in 2008 (link) but the video linked to in that post has gone the way of the dodo. It is one of my favourite Chinese songs, sung by the gorgeous Gigi Leung. This Hong Kong actress/singer will not be widely known outside the Far East, and that is a pity. Best known for her movies, her music is well worth exploring as well, especially the track Ai de dai jia (Price of love). It is a cover of a well-known Chinese standard, perhaps best known in the original version of Zhang Ai Jia. The song deals with women growing up, but written from a man's perspective. Art Rock score: 9/10 (very strong song, one of 1000 best songs of all time).

Copyright statement: image by Michael Tsal, used under Creative Commons license.