Saturday, August 05, 2017

The ar(t)chitecture of Le Corbusier

Charles-Édouard Jeanneret, known as Le Corbusier (1887 - 1965), was a Swiss-French architect. Widely considered as one of the first and foremost modernist architects, his buildings can be found in Europe, Japan, India, and North and South America. Here is my pick for five of his best works with links to the Wikipedia pages:

1. Notre Dame du Haut Ronchamps, France, 1954 (image above).
2. Saint-Pierre Firminy, France, 2006.
3. Pavillon Le Corbusier Zurich, Switzerland, 1967.
4. Palace of Assembly Chandigarh, India, 1950.
5. Villa Savoye Poissy, France, 1931.

Copyright statement: image by Lu Schaper, used with permission. Copyright Lu Schaper.