Saturday, January 13, 2018

Anagram generator

I've always loved word plays, and anagrams are among the most fun of them. The linked anagram generation site is a great help if you want to see how words or names can have fascinating anagrams. To keep this post at least a little on-topic for this blog (which for this thread has warped into Stars for Karate!), I made an example of 10 classical music composers, whose names anagram into rather unexpected results:

Free Bulgaria! (Gabriel Faure)
Cruelest prophet (Peter Sculthorpe)
Bulldogs urinal (Douglas Lilburn)
Returnable flaws (Walter Braunfels)
Sour Polish (Louis Spohr)
Trouser labels (Albert Roussel)
Recalls nine (Carl Nielsen)
Kraut timeouts (Toru Takemitsu)
Marble abuser (Samuel Barber)
Personal twit (Walter Piston)

Try it yourself - but be warned, it is addictive.

Copyright statement: image in public domain.