Thursday, March 22, 2018

My 100 favourite songs from six decades

It's been a while since I made a list of my favourite songs (pop, rock, ballads), based on extensive listening to music since the late sixties. These are my 100 picks of the crop, ranging from 1964 to 2013. Each song listed has an arrow to link to YouTube - except one (#93), where the only version I could find is a mediocre live rendition.
  1. Shine on you crazy diamond (Pink Floyd)
  2. Mad man moon (Genesis)
  3. Ghosts (Japan)
  4. Firth of Fifth (Genesis)
  5. Kayleigh (Marillion)
  6. Private investigations (Dire Straits)
  7. The ninth wave (Kate Bush)
  8. Killer queen (Queen)
  9. This masquerade (Carpenters)
  10. The sound of silence (Simon and Garfunkel) 
  11. Desperado (Eagles)
  12. Forbidden colours (David Sylvian with Ryuichi Sakamoto)
  13. The raven that refused to sing (Steven Wilson)
  14. Dancing with the moonlit knight (Genesis)
  15. Life on Mars? (David Bowie)
  16. Vincent (Don McLean) 
  17. I'm not in love (10CC) 
  18. Don't give up (Peter Gabriel and Kate Bush)
  19. Baker Street (Gerry Rafferty) 
  20. Street spirit [Fade out] (Radiohead)
  21. Cinema show - Aisle of plenty (Genesis)
  22. Samba pa ti (Santana) 
  23. San Jacinto - live (Peter Gabriel)
  24. Brothers in arms (Dire Straits)
  25. The winner takes it all (ABBA) 
  26. The carpet crawlers (Genesis)
  27. Song to the siren (This Mortal Coil)
  28. Tequila sunrise (Eagles)
  29. Telegraph road (Dire Straits)
  30. Nightporter (Japan)
  31. Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley)
  32. Lyin' eyes (Eagles)
  33. Bat out of hell (Meatloaf) 
  34. The man with the child in his eyes (Kate Bush)
  35. Comfortably numb (Pink Floyd)
  36. Wallflower (Peter Gabriel) 
  37. Time in a bottle (Jim Croce) 
  38. Nur zu besuch (Die Toten Hosen)
  39. Silent all these years (Tori Amos)
  40. Easy livin' (Uriah Heep) 
  41. Through the barricades (Spandau Ballet) 
  42. Wildflower (Skylark) 
  43. I'm in the mood for love (Bryan Ferry) 
  44. Bedshaped (Keane) 
  45. Year of the cat (Al Stewart) 
  46. White rabbit (Jefferson Airplane) 
  47. Drive home (Steven Wilson) 
  48. Where or when (Bryan Ferry) 
  49. Winter (Tori Amos)
  50. Gollums song (Emiliana Torrini) 
  51. New year's day (U2) 
  52. Ashes to ashes (David Bowie)
  53. America (Simon and Garfunkel) 
  54. Hou me vast (Volumia!) 
  55. Merlin (Kayak) 
  56. The rhythm of the heat - live (Peter Gabriel)
  57. I can't see New York (Tori Amos) 
  58. Niniane [Lady of the lake] (Kayak) 
  59. Silent lucidity (Queensryche) 
  60. Cloudbusting (Kate Bush) 
  61. Entangled (Genesis) 
  62. Perfect day (Lou Reed) 
  63. Under your thumb (Godley and Creme) 
  64. For Emily, whenever I may find her (Simon and Garfunkel) 
  65. Cup of coffee (Garbage) 
  66. Uncertain smile (The The) 
  67. Promises (Cranberries) 
  68. Julia dream (Pink Floyd) 
  69. Homeless (Paul Simon) 
  70. China (Tori Amos) 
  71. Afscheid (Robert Long) 
  72. Routine day (Klaatu)
  73. Scarborough Fair (Simon and Garfunkel) 
  74. A coral room (Kate Bush) 
  75. At seventeen (Janis Ian) 
  76. On the border (Al Stewart) 
  77. Beyond the pale (Pain of Salvation) 
  78. Tauschen gegen dich (Die Toten Hosen) 
  79. Jesse (Janis Ian) 
  80. American pie (Don McLean) 
  81. Adia (Sarah McLachlan) 
  82. Anesthetize (Porcupine Tree) 
  83. The lamia (Genesis) 
  84. Kathy's song (Simon and Garfunkel) 
  85. Julie with... (Brian Eno) 
  86. Old and wise (Alan Parsons Project) 
  87. With or without you (U2) 
  88. Biko (Peter Gabriel) 
  89. Give up your guns (Buoys) 
  90. Testament (Boudewijn de Groot) 
  91. The first time ever I saw your face (Robert Flack) 
  92. Diamonds on the soles of her shoes (Paul Simon) 
  93. Jeder's monchmal einsam, net nur du (Wolfgang Niedecken) ➤
  94. Oh yeah (Roxy Music) 
  95. Steppin' out (Joe Jackson) 
  96. Space Oddity (David Bowie) 
  97. Vigil in a wilderness of mirrors (Fish) 
  98. Vienna (Ultravox) 
  99. Listening wind (Talking Heads) 
  100. I hear you now (Jon and Vangelis) 
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