Sunday, March 25, 2018

Zhi shao hai you ni (At least I still have you)

This one is for my wife, as we celebrate our 18th wedding anniversary today. I have posted this song before (in 2008), but the video I linked to at the time has gone the way of the dodo. This is one of those unknown musical gems that I have my wife to thank for. Together with Faye Wong, Sandy Lam is one of the best-loved mandarin pop singers. Overall, Faye Wong is more adventurous in her choice of repertoire, but this beautiful love song from her 2000 album Sandy's is better than anything Faye produced. The almost too sweet lyrics (sample in translation: I'm afraid that there's not enough time, I wanna hold you until I feel that your wrinkles show signs of aging, until I'm sure that you're real, until I've lost all my energy - I'm willing to, because of you) are encompassed in a beautiful melody with great piano playing and a well-judged guitar solo gives some beef to the song as well. Art Rock score: 10/10 (brilliant masterpiece, one of 200 best songs of all time).

Copyright statement: image screenshot from the video, considered fair use.