Thursday, May 31, 2018

Logo Faves

Creative logos used to be one of the subjects of this blog, but copyright concerns made me purge it. Here we have nine of the very best, all featured on the site Logo Faves. Numbered from 1 to 9 top left to bottom right, we have:

[1] One of those logos that seem so obvious - but if you have to start from scratch for a company called Gaucho wine, would you have made the link between the shapes of cows' horns and a wine glass? Link.
[2] A beautiful visual illusion by itself, but even stronger given that it was designed for a company called Illusion. Link.
[3] Can a logo be too creative? I liked this one the first few times I saw it, but other than the play on the letter Y in the shape of the girl, it did not strike me as particularly inventive. Only then did I see that the shape of the void between the girl's leg and her arm exactly matches the contours of Australia. Link.
[4] This is simply a brilliant visual play on poker hands and hills. Link.
[5] Absolutely fascinating the way the golfer and the Spartan are visualized in one drawing for the Spartan Golf Club. Link.
[6] This fascinating company logo fits so well, that you almost suspect that the logo was there before the company name: the WM initials portrayed as keyboards is simply magic. Link.
[7] Once the logo is done it may look like a logical idea, but to come up with such a fantastic image reflecting both the client's subject and their name in one from scratch is quite an achievement. Link.
[8] The amateur photographer in me appreciates this perhaps even more than most people, but you must admit that this is a fantastic design in all its simplicity - if you don't get it, look again. Link.
[9] Finally, here is an effective minimal design for a sushi restaurant. Link.

Copyright statement: mosaic image of logos, all thumbnail size and considered fair use.