Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blue Monday

More "blue"s. The French project Nouvelle Vague is original to say the least. They take New Wave hits from the eighties and have them performed in bossa nova rhythms by models who actually never heard the originals. A fiendishly clever play on words, as Nouvelle Vague and bossanova are the French and Portuguese words for New Wave. The end results, collected in two CD's and a few isolated tracks, are always intriguing and sometimes downright spectacular. Some songs you would expect to be very suited for this, such as Visage's Fade to grey. Some work surprisingly well, such as the Cure's A forest and the Clash' The guns of Brixton. And one is simply hilarious - their take on the Dead Kennedy's Too drunk to fuck. To keep up with the theme, I have selected their cover of New Order's Blue Monday, albeit it a live edition.
Art Rock score: 8/10 (great song, I'd put it on my MP3 player)