Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Michele (For Andy)

This one is dedicated to my Flickr friend Andy and his lovely Michele. For me this is the best French song of all time. Gerard Lenorman scored a string of hits in French-speaking countries as well as in The Netherlands in the mid seventies. Examples are Voici les cles, La ballade des gens heureux and Si j'etais president. His best effort is Michele, a hit in France, but not in Holland. In this tender ballad, Lenorman reminisces on his high school sweetheart in the best French chanson tradition. Surprising really that the French have never been able to make decent rock music - all French entries in my personal Hall of fame are more chansons style, and the only French rock songs in the list come from Canada.
Art Rock score: 10/10 (brilliant masterpiece, one of 200 best songs of all time)