Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Silver rose

Almost a year ago I commented on this amazing image by my Flickr friend batedbreath for Flickr's Life Thru a Lenz group. I stand by my words of that time:

This is stunning. To use an understatement. I can't get away with something like "well spotted" - that is fine for multicoloured rusty shots and the like, but to spot this and see the potential of it - I bow for you very very deeply madam. To start with, a "best viewed large" should really be added here in order to get all the details in. The texture of the top layer is beautiful, reminding me in some way of the lunar surface. The cracks in it are very well caught with superb clarity. But of course, the heart of the shot is the second layer exposed where the top layer of paint has peeled away. The texture is marvellous, and the shine it has is amazing. And then as if all this were not enough, there is that shape of the peeled away section, that gave rise to your title. I wondered for a moment whether it would not be fitting to turn the shot anti-clockwise, but in the end I think I like it better the way it is. Gorgeous shot and an instant fave.

All rights retained by the photographer.