Monday, February 02, 2009

The phantom of San Francisco

Sometimes we capture images and do not realize what exactly happened until we see the result on the computer screen. This haunting image by my Flickr friend LilFr38 is a good example. To quote him: "Fifth and last shot of the color set from a trip to San Francisco on May 2008, a B&W set is to come. Shot inside a lighted waterfall-fountain in front of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial. I didn't notice at the moment but when I browsed the pictures back in France... wow!". Or my original comment on this shot: "It took me a while to fully get this one, even with your note. At first sight (at least mine), this is a great shot. The rain (OK, the waterfall, but let me follow my perhaps more romantic interpretation) providing such a great texture and context to the lights, the buildings, and the shadows. A perfect shot of a slightly melancholic city scene. And then the sudden realization what it was that you saw extra here. Absolutely amazing." If you don't see it, just keep on looking....

All rights retained by the photographer.