Tuesday, May 12, 2009

No secrets

I have been hesitant to feature this 2008 album in the beautiful album covers series, as undoubtedly I am biased: it is based on an oil painting by my wife, Lu Schaper. However, when I came across a review in Music in Belgium, which ended with the lines "One more note: a very nice photo on the cover of the booklet, which represents a fragment of an original work (oil painting) of Lu Schaper, a painter and photographer from Shanghai", I felt vindicated. The band is Dorian Opera from Germany, and this is their debut album. The music is prog metal style - an extensive review of mine was published here. A recommended album, and indeed great cover art, designed by Berndt Roehrig. For more information about this band and their album, I link to their home page instead of the usual AllMusic page.

Dorian Opera