Friday, September 25, 2009

Paroles paroles

I was oddly moved by seeing the memorial sculpture for French singer Dalida in Paris' Montmartre last week - she killed herself aged (only) 54. She was probably the most successful female singer from France (well, technically Egypt/Italy). In the seventies she scored hits outside France as well, including a #1 hit in the Netherlands with Gigi l'Amoroso - a song I can't stand! By far her best song is Paroles, paroles (Words, words), a duet with French movie star Alain Delon, and one of the best chansons of all time. The song's theme is about hollow words of love. Dalida laments the end of love and the lies she has to hear, while Delon speaks his lines full of cliches. She reacts, comments and scoffs at the compliments that he gives her, calling them simply empty words. The melody is great and the instrumentation in bossanova style quite effective.
Art Rock score: 9/10 (very strong song, one of 650 best songs of all time)