Saturday, January 02, 2010

A pile of junk

There was a time in the sixties that the Macedonians were mentioned along the likes of the Hollies and the Fortunes. This Birmingham based quartet scored six top40 hits in the UK within two years, with the 1967 summer hit A pile of junk the most successful, topping at #12. And just as quickly as they came up, they went down again, and virtually disappeared altogether before the end of the decade. Even their hits are never played on the radio anymore. This compilation collects their 12 singles (including the 6 later ones that did not chart at all) and to be honest, they do sound hopelessly outdated. The real interest for me was in some of the 12 B-sides which are included as well. To my surprise, these included three covers of Dutch hits from that decade: That day by the Golden Earring(s), Russian spy and I by the Hunters, and I see your face again by Sandy Coast. The informative booklet explains the connection: their bass player Ron Jenkins was married to a Dutch girl and picked up these songs via her. All in all, an important CD from a historical point of view, but not one you need to have in your collection.

The idea of this little game is to create an album cover for an imaginary artist/group, as well as an imaginary review, following these instructions:

[1] The artist/group: go to the wiki random page generator. The first random Wikipedia article obtained this way is the name of the band or performer. In this case, I ended up with Macedonians.
[2] The title: go to the random quotations site. The last four words of the very last quote of the page is the title of the album. The random quote that came up was by Thomas A. Edison : To invent, you need a good imagination and a pile of junk.
[3] The illustration: pick a suitable one from my Flickr collection. My picture, Rubbish colours, can be found here on Flickr. The on-line editing was done with the programme On-line image editor, the font settings selected were Cooper Black 85 Black and BeautyschoolDropoutII 85 White, respectively.

Note: this is a variation on the "Debut album game" that has been making its rounds around bulletin boards and blogs for some time now - the original version called for a random Flickr Explore photograph to be used as the cover. I have been trying to find out who had the original idea, but so far no success.