Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Badass Geisha on a Harley with a red parasol

Recapitulating as this one will show up first in the blog: a Flickr favourites wednesday is unusual in my blog, what is even more unusual is that these seven shots are by the same photographer, from one shoot. Given that I do not fave that often on Flickr (maybe 2 per day), it is a unique occurence for anyone on Flickr to post seven shots in a row over a few days and have them all end up in my favourites. Just that feat was accomplished by my highly esteemed Flickr friend andy_57. The model (Clarissa) is beautiful, the setting and props are stunning (kudos to another Flickr friend involved in the concept, make-up and wardrobe, Renee Rocket). This final one has a Dali-esque title that is very appropriate for the slightly surreal setting, which features one of the most unlikely prop combinations I have ever seen: a Harley and a parasol. And yet it works. The end of a fascinating shoot that the photographer should be very proud of. Bravo Andy! And bravo Renee as well.

All rights retained by the photographer.