Thursday, June 24, 2010

Lady in red

In Imaginary Movies I will be posting some fake movie posters I created (including a fake review), with two recurring themes: the title is based on a pop/rock song, and the image is from my Flickr stream. This one takes a Chris de Burgh song in combination with my shot La femme en rouge.

This is a disturbing movie. Great, but disturbing. The tag line says it all: "Passion is a positive obsession, obsession is a negative passion". Frank Terry paints a fascinating bleak picture of a manager with a successful career, who gets obsessed by a woman in a red rain coat he encounters one day in the streets of Boston, and sees his life slowly but surely fall apart because of this. His decision to start stalking her turns out to be just the beginning of the end. Bridget Scholes and John Cole may not be household names (yet), but their performance in this drama are spell binding. Four and a half stars out of five - but not for the faint of heart.