Monday, June 14, 2010

White wedding

A new subject, inspired by the Imaginary Albums topic. In Imaginary Movies I will be posting some fake movie posters I created (including a fake review), with two recurring themes: the title is based on a pop/rock song, and the image is from my Flickr stream. The first one takes a Billy Idol song in combination with my shot Hurry Hurry.

Joris Linssen's third movie White Wedding stars Suzy Wong as Chinese exchange student Yang Fey, who falls for her fellow Paris Sorbonne student Jean Germaine, played by Philippe Lacombe. After a tumultuous love affair, they decide to get married - but on her wedding day more is revealed to her than she expected. A complicated triangular affair unfolds with a brilliant display by Therese-Marie de Passy as the older woman that Philippe cannot cut out of his life. The atmosphere of the Paris Left Bank is an excellent backdrop for this fascinating drama. Four stars out of five.