Friday, August 13, 2010

In your eyes

In Imaginary Movies I will be posting some fake movie posters I created (including a fake review), with two recurring themes: the title is based on a pop/rock song, and the image is from my Flickr stream. This one takes a Peter Gabriel song in combination with my shot In the mood for love.

You have heard the hype - this movie has been widely acclaimed to be the main candidate for the Academy Award for best Foreign Movie this year. And for once the hype is justified: this should get an Oscar. Singaporean director Tang Lay Yam goes back to the roots of his parents, to China in the turmoil of the Cultural Revolution. Two young Beijing students (played by up and coming Singapore actors Leong Bee Bee and Ling Song Seng) fall in love and get married, only to see the Maoist red guards tear their happiness apart and separate them for re-education purposes. After three years they are finally reunited, only to find out that their love is still as strong as ever. The story line is simple, but the images are compelling and really keep the viewer spellbound for the full two hours - supported by a Tai Dun soundtrack of immense effectiveness. Essential.