Thursday, January 27, 2011


Today is International Holocaust Remembrance Day, an event I always pay attention to in my blog ever since I visited Auschwitz a few years ago. For the occasion, a beautiful classical music album cover, dedicated to the works of Jewish composers who ended up in the concentration camp of Terezin/Theresienstadt (the album itself is great as well). This camp was originally designated as a propaganda showcase to house privileged Jews from Germany, Czechoslovakia, and Austria: at least four concert orchestras existed in the camp, as well as chamber groups and jazz ensembles. The grim reality of the Endloesung soon set in, and many Jewish composers died either here or, after transportation, in other death camps. The ones collected on this CD include Ilse Weber (1903 - 1944), Karel Svenk (1907-1945), Adolf Strauss (1902 - 1944), Hans Krasa (1899 - 1944), Carlo S. Taube (1897 - 1944), Viktor Ullmann (1898 - 1944), Pavel Haas (1899 - 1944) and Erwin Schulhoff (1894 - 1942). Rest in peace.