Saturday, April 30, 2011

Learn composition by example: Borders

If you have been following this blog, you may remember a series of short posts about basic composition techniques in the Art-iculations category. These were written for beginners by a beginner (moi). My Flickr friend Rick (word artist), a very accomplished photographer with a brilliant sense of composition, has embarked upon a similar series for the Flickr group Learn Composition by Example, providing far more information and examples than I did. His first two posts, on leading lines, and on layers, were blogged earlier here and here. His third and fourth post appeared a few days ago, tackling the subject of borders and framing as a compositional technique, with 19 photographs each as illustration of his points (also to be found in his blog). I will post the one about framing in a few days; for the post about borders I have picked a beauty by my fellow Flickrite ben.pearson.007, of which Rick wrote: "This is a strong image that combines both borders within borders and the inner scene; more impressive still in that the outer subject is as busy as the inner. It is the framing elements of the car door that direct the eye towards the mirror, and the inner scene there. The mount around the mirror provides just enough distinction between the two scenes, and the leading lines within that inner image (towards a golden ratio) help keep the eye pinned within that compact scene." Like the first two, highly recommended to expand your compositional horizon.

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