Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stolpersteine by Gunter Demnig

A different type of miscellaneous art compared to what I usually blog. History is very important for the people of Kampen, not just their golden age (around the 13th century), but also more recent. Kampen is one of the participants in the Stolpersteine project of German artist Gunter Demnig, a commemoration of the victims of the holocaust. Stolpersteine are small, cobblestone-sized memorials for an individual victim of Nazism. They commemorate persons by name – both those who died and survivors – who were consigned by the Nazis to prisons, euthanasia facilities, sterilization clinics, concentration camps, and extermination camps, as well as those who responded to persecution by emigrating or committing suicide. The list of places that have Stolpersteine now extends to six countries, hundreds of cities and towns, and over 30000 individual stones. The picture above is by myself. More about the project in the linked Wikipedia entry.