Thursday, September 27, 2012

An eerie encounter

The cultural highlight of our recent Paris trip was the Gerhard Richter Panorama exhibition at the Pompidou. Richter is my favourite contemporary artist, and is one of my wife's favourites as well - I love his abstracts in particular. When I took a particular photograph in 2010, a distorted reflection of Almere's skyline, I gave it the title Richteresque, because it reminded me of Richter's abstract style. Still, when I came across his painting September near the end of the exhibition, I was startled to say the least. This work from 2009, commemorating the 9/11 attacks, bears an eerie resemblance to my photograph - and I swear I had never seen this painting before in my life! The Richter painting (including a good analysis) can be seen here, my photograph can be seen here.