Sunday, November 11, 2012

Artists who fell in the "Great" War

Today marks the 94th anniversary of the end of World War One, the so-called Great War, one of the most futile and cruel conflicts in human history. In the span of four years, sixteen million people died from the conflict, of which the ever stagnant western front has become the most notorious. From an art point of view, the losses were considerable as well. Some of the best and/or most promising painters in the world fell in the conflict, such as Franz Marc (fell in 1916, aged 36), August Macke (fell in 1914, aged 27), Umberto Boccioni (fell in 1916, aged 33), and Henri Gaudier-Brzeska (fell in 1915, aged 23). The classical music suffered great losses as well, with Alberic Magnard (died defending his home, aged 49), George Butterworth (fell in 1916, aged 31), Ernest Farrar (fell in 1918, aged 33), Rudi Stephan (fell in 1915, aged 28), Cecil Coles (fell in 1918, aged 29), and Enrique Granados (died as civilian in a torpedo attack in 1916, aged 48). And who knows what famous buildings would have materialized from the brain of architect Antonio Sant'Elia (fell in 1916, aged 28)? Given the young age of many of the casualties, the actual loss is probably much higher - many talents that never even got the chance to shine. A terrible waste. A terrible war. Image sourced from here.