Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The amazing story of Lorrainville

The imaginary album game has been around since early 2008 or so (I posted a few dozen with my own variation on it in my blog here). In 2011, it became really popular on Facebook, and few creations got so many reactions as the one posted by Dutch music producer Guido Aalbers, shown above. Within hours, many musicians contacted him with the suggestion to make this imaginary album for real, and in the end, that is what happened. The band Lorrainville was officially formed, songs were written and recorded, and the first CD was released later that year with exactly the cover that Aalbers had created. The music turned out to be very good, in a melancholy Americana style. The CD made the Dutch top100 albums, and won the special jury prize of the Edison Pop 2013. A modern social media fairy tale come true.