Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Lest we forget (links, updated)

Over the past few years, I have made many posts inspired by the so-called Great War (1914-1918), on the occasion of Armistice Day (11 November). Here (like last years, updated) I collect links to all of them rather than re-post one or two. If you want to click just one, I suggest the first one, which has some astonishing background information. The image above is based on an image sourced from here, and copyright by Nick Harvey/Rex Features.

11-11-08 Poem: In Flanders' fields.
11-11-08 YouTube: Documentary on Britten's War Requiem.
11-11-08 Paintings: Returning to the trenches (Nevinson).
11-11-08 Flickr favourites: Lest we forget.
11-11-09 Vintage posters: In Flanders' fields.
11-11-09 Paintings: La guerre (Gromaire).
11-11-09 Photojournalism: Remembrance.
11-11-10 Paintings: Over the top (Nash).
11-11-10 En Vogue: Vogue May 1914.
11-11-10 Poem: Suicide in the trenches.
11-11-10 Photojounalism: The fallen.
11-11-11 Under cover: Motion Picture May 1918.
12-11-11 Photojournalism: Armistice day in London.
12-11-11 Photojournalism: Armistice day in Minsk.
11-11-12 Art-iculations: Artists who fell in the "Great" War.
11-11-13 Paintings: Armored train in action (Severini)
11-11-13 Flickr favourites: Poppy.
09-11-14 Miscellaneous art: Blood swept lands....
10-11-14 Paintings: Still life with poppies (van Gogh).
11-11-14 Flickr favourites: Voices fading on the winds of thought.