Sunday, July 03, 2016

Ripped in June

A selected overview of culture stars relevant to my own tastes who passed away this month. Rest in peace. Image by myself.

Viktor Korchnoi (85), Russian born Swiss chess player. Widely regarded as the strongest chess player who never became world champion. His matches with Karpov were amazing.
Henry McCullough (72), Northern Irish guitar player. Best remembered for his time with Paul McCartney;s wings, playing lead guitar on classics like My love, Hi hi hi, and Live and let die.
Anton Yelchin (27), Russian born American actor. Best remembered for his role as Chekov in this decade's Star Trek movies series.
Ho Fan (84), Chinese photographer, film director and actor. He was one of my favourite contemporary photographers (blog post here).
Goetz George (77), German actor. Best remembered for his role as detective Schimanski in the German TV crime series Tatort.
Harry Rabinowitz (100), South Africa born British composer and conductor. He composed the music for the TV series I Claudius.
Bill Cunningham (87), American photographer famous for fashion and candid street photography..
Alvin Toffler (87), American writer and futurists. I was quite impressed with his books Future shock and Power shift, predicting inter alia the violent Yugoslavia split-up with astonishing accuracy.