Monday, October 03, 2016

Ripped in September

A selected overview of culture stars relevant to my own tastes who passed away this month. It's been a stunningly quiet month in this respect. Rest in peace. Image by myself.

Cecil Campbell, aka Prince Buster (78), Jamaican singer/songwriter. One of the most important figures in early ska music. The British band Madness took their name from one of his songs, and covered his One step beyond.
Gerard Rondeau (63), French photographer. Best remembered for his portraits of celebrities like Peter Falk, GĂ©raldine Chaplin, and Isabella Rossellini.
Jerry Corbetta (68), lead singer and keyboard player of the band Sugarloaf. They scored American top10 hits with Green-eyed lady and Don't call us (we'll call you), the latter one of the songs on our car MP3 USB stick.