Sunday, June 03, 2018

Ripped in May

A selected overview of culture stars relevant to my own tastes who passed away this month. A rather average month. Rest in peace.

Herman Krebbers (94), Dutch violinist. The grand old man of Dutch classical music, he features on a number of CDs in our collection.
Margot Kidder (69), American actress. I will always remember her fondly as Lois Lane in the four Superman movies with Christopher Reeve.
William Vance (82), Belgian comics artist. His XIII series helped me gain some knowledge of French while we lived in Rouen. 
Robert Indiana (89), American pop art artist. Best known for his iconic LOVE symbol.
Bill Gold (97), American movie poster designer. He was responsible for such classic posters as Casablanca and A clockwork orange.
Piet Kee (90), Dutch composer and organist. We have several of his organ CDs.
Michael Ford (90), British film art director and double Oscar winner. I had never heard of him, but he was responsible for the set decoration of many movies I love (e.g. Star Wars 5+6, Raiders of the lost ark, Golden Eye).

Copyright statement: image in public domain.