Saturday, August 31, 2019

Keeper dozen: vintage British comedies

This is the seventeenth of a series of posts that are inspired by the "Desert Island" phenomenon - and that uses an Ansel Adams quote in the wrong way (Adams stated that 12 photographs per year that you're satisfied with is a good showing). In this post, deviating from the music topics used so far, I will select my 12 favourite vintage British situation comedies (taking 2000 as the cut-off year for the definition of vintage). There is no ranking, I'll list them by year of release. I hope these lists inspire you to check out works you do not know yet.

The good life [1975-1978]
Fawlty Towers [1975-1979]
Yes (Prime) Minister [1980-1988]
Allo! Allo! series 1-6 [1982-1992]
Blackadder series 2-4 (1986-1989)
Red Dwarf series 1-6 [1988-1993]
Keeping up appearances [1990-1995]
One foot in the grave [1990-2000]
Bottom [1991-1995]
The Brittas Empire [1991-1997]
Absolutely Fabulous series 1-3 [1992-1996]
The vicar of Dibley [1994-1998]

Since all of these are pretty well-known, I won't discuss them further. As always, several others came close, such as Dad's army, The young ones, KYTV, Man about the house, etc.

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