Sunday, December 01, 2019

Using Instagram on a laptop

Maybe a bit off-topic (although it involves photography), but I need this in a place where I can find it if I forget it. There's no denying that Instagram is a world-wide success. I created an account many years ago, but never really used it, because the powers behind it limited its use to smartphones and tablets. I do have a tablet, but I found the process of sending pictures from my laptop by email to my tablet in order to be able to post them to Instagram far too tedious. This week I came across a simple elegant solution to this first world problem: on Chrome, load the Instagram page and sign in. Then right click anywhere, click inspect, and on the top of the inspect insert, select the second symbol (toggle device toolbar). Presto: you have now fooled Instagram into believing you're working from a smartphone and can upload pictures from your laptop (you may have to hit the refresh button first). When you're done, click the same symbol again to toggle back to laptop mode and close the inspect part.

Copyright statement: image created on Photofunia site.