Where are our paintings? Where is Mme Lise Han?

Since end 2009, three of our paintings have gone missing after an exhibition in Tours (France) organized by Lise Han (exposition d'art contemporain Chinois, Chateau de Tours). Please help us by spreading this via the social media (twitter, facebook, blogs).

My wife (Yang Lu) was one of the invited artists for the 2009 Exhibition "Exposition d'art contemporain Chinois 60 - 70 - 80" in the castle of Tours, chaired by Mayor Jean Germain.

After the exhibition, her three paintings (including one diptych) have apparently been sent to China by Mme Lise Han, the main local organizer, together with the other artworks that all hailed from China.

This was done without our permission and is a clear error as we live in Europe (as the organization of course knew). We have since then tried to trace these paintings. We have had contact with Chi Zhang and Qingyuan Zhang, both members of the Chinese part of the organization of this exhibition.

They told us the paintings were sent to China, but were not accepted by the Chinese customs as they did not come from China. They were sent back to Tours to Lise Han. We have tried in vain to get in touch with Lise Han for the past year (including unanswered emails and letters to the city hall of Tours, the tourist office she is supposed to work for, and the Tours police). We have been able to contact her former assistant Lulu Zhou, also a member of the organization of this exhibition, but she was unable to give any information on either the paintings or Lise Han.

We would appreciate any help that would lead to contact with Mme Lise Han, or even better, retrieval of our paintings.

Contact by email: hennieschaper@gmail.com.

Please help us by spreading this via the social media (twitter, facebook, blogs).